Thursday, June 25, 2009

Welcome to Ask A Heeb

During the past several years, I've frequently found myself fielding questions on a variety of Jewish topics from hardcore members of the Tribe and church-going Christians alike. It became so commonplace that I wrote about the phenomenon on my main blog, Shtetl Fabulous.

I eventually realized that I had knowledge to share and many people who both wanted to learn more and felt comfortable asking me. So I launched Ask A Heeb as a forum for those questions. I hope to make this a safe space where people can be as anonymous as they want and can feel unafraid to ask about everything from the sacred to the profane (or a little off-color).

Generally, I rail against rules, but it seems like a good idea on a site like this. So here we go.
  • To ask a question, comment on the most recent post. I'll reprint your question with the answer on my next post.
  • Please don't ask anything with the intent to offend. Stupid questions are OK, mean questions aren't.
  • Feel free to scroll through the past posts and comments to see if your question has already been asked. You won't get made fun of for asking the same question, but you might get a less thorough answer.
  • I will do my best to answer your questions within a day or two. If it's more urgent, please indicate that in your comment.
  • Everyone's time is valuable and being the resident Heeb isn't easy. Please make a donation on my PayPal page.
Thanks and let the neo-Talmuding begin!

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